What are Combination Brows?

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Not everyone is blessed with naturally perfect eyebrows, but thanks to the progress in beauty and aesthetic treatments, achieving them is now more accessible than ever.

Why should anyone devote hours weekly in front of the mirror, meticulously crafting evenly matched, densely populated brows?

Technologies such as microblading and ombre eyebrow tattoos offer a convenient solution, streamlining your beauty routine.

The evolution of eyebrow enhancement has been significant. Initially, eyebrow tattooing was the go-to method. Still, it often resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes due to poor-quality pigments that tended to blur and spread, sometimes leaving behind a bluish undertone.

Then, introducing SPMU (semi-permanent makeup) marked a significant improvement. This method used higher-quality pigments designed to fade over time, eliminating the issue of a lifelong commitment to a potentially regrettable choice.

More recently, microblading has revolutionized the way we approach eyebrow enhancement. This technique creates stunning, natural-looking, semi-permanent brows, with each hair stroke meticulously applied using naturally colored pigments.

Now, residents of Sydney and beyond can enjoy resilient brows that withstand water exposure without fading, offering a lasting beauty solution.

The development of microblading has also paved the way for additional techniques, such as combination brow tattoo and ombre combo brows, catering to those seeking a more dramatic effect or aiming to restore fullness to brows thinned by over-plucking in the past. These innovations offer many options to customize and perfect one’s eyebrow game.

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Why Combination Brows?

While ombre eyebrow tattoos give a beautiful, highly defined, and dramatic look, they are unsuitable for everyone. These days, they are created with beautiful pigments that slowly fade and perfectly match the colour of your existing brows.

The ombre effect, staying lighter close to the nose, and graduating to a darker, more intense shade mid-brow can look stunning.

If you like the graduation of an ombre brow but have more sparse brows that need to be filled or prefer a less dramatic, everyday look, combination brows may be precisely what you are looking for.

Combination brows are a mixture of semi-permanent brow techniques.

Brow specialist Mimi uses classic microblading and ombre brow techniques, which start the brow from the inner corner of the eyes with a natural and light touch, building out to a darker, more intense pigment in the central part of the brow.

The beauty of the combination brow technique is that, unlike classic microblading, it creates a more defined result on brows with very little natural hair remaining. Unlike ombre eyebrow tattoos, the result is more natural and wearable.

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The Procedure of Combo Brow Treatment

Mimi is your North Sydney brow expert extraordinaire!

After booking an appointment with her, she will talk you through the combo brow process in detail.

Before starting, she will apply a topical anesthetic cream to the area and outline the brow shape you want.

Once you are happy with the shape, Mimi will mix the perfect shade of pigment, then work on your beautiful, semi-permanent eyebrows.

Does it hurt?

Thanks to the numbing cream, your combination eyebrow treatment is a little uncomfortable sometimes, but it isn’t painful.

Retouching of Combination Brows

combination brows sydney

Your eyebrows may appear thicker and darker for a few days after treatment. Don’t worry; this is perfectly normal!

This is your body’s natural healing response in action. Then, it is likely that your brows will flake and then fade a little.

Again, this is perfectly normal and part of the healing response.

After around four weeks, the healing will be complete, and your combo brows will be ready for a top-up treatment to correct any fading and ensure the pigment is even. Again, your body will heal before your combo brows will finally be perfect, beautiful, and fully formed!

You can expect them to last up to 24 months before requiring further top-up treatment as they start to fade.

The beauty of combination eyebrows is that they are semi-permanent.

While the initial financial outlay may seem costly, consider all the money and time you will save!

Your days of needing brow balms, eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow tints at the salon will be over!

A regular retouch every 18-24 months with Mimi will ensure your beautiful combination brows look their best.

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