The Artwork As Permanent Makeup

A cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is a technique that employs the art of tattooing to grant the illusion of fuller and darker eyebrows.

The artwork can be described as permanent makeup. It is not a recent invention either and has been around for a while. Nowadays, it’s a more accessible world, and people are not as reserved as they were in the past.

Every time I walk in the streets, I see people expressing themselves in one way or another. One way to do so is through body art.

Everybody wants to look good. Your boss, parents, relatives, and even the person you find super attractive.

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Everybody wants to be better, and thanks to social steps in society, there is no longer a lot of stigma surrounding the trends we see today. One of the biggest trends of this century has been, without a doubt, cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.

It has risen rapidly in a relatively short period and is currently a massive hit among millennials and other generations.

Traditionally, people who lost their hair as a result of medical conditions would usually find themselves in a bit of a twist. They would have to draw a full set of eyebrows every day, which was also tiring and time-consuming.

Cosmetic tattoos became a welcome relief, as they offered what such patients sought: semi-permanent makeup.

Since then, it has evolved to become what we know and experience today at places like eyebrow tattoo North Sydney of North Shore.

Type of Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos

A popular technique that has come with advancements in technology is microblading. It employs several tiny needles in place of the traditional tattoo gun. These needles penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to deposit pigments under the skin.

The fantastic thing about microblading is that it can recreate any eyebrow structure from absolutely nothing. Have you lost your eyebrows to chemotherapy? No problem, microblading can fix it. Just need fuller and more natural-looking eyebrows? Rest easy, microblading has you covered.

The downside is that it does not work well for people with very oily skin or people receiving botox treatment. The glycolic acids eat away at the tattoo and make it fade away.

The following technique is called eyebrow feathering.

The only real difference between eyebrow feathering and microblading is in the original state of the eyebrows. While microblading tends to the whole brow, feathering tends to specific parts of the brow by creating the impression of individual hairs.

One of the more recent trends in eyebrow tattoos, ombre shading, gives eyebrows a pencilled and more natural look.

It is especially popular with clients due to its versatility.

It goes well with all shades of skin colour and brows. The shading usually takes two to three hours.

The client works with the artist to select the shape, style, and colour. For those who wish, this technique can be combined with microblading to achieve a more realistic look.

What about breastfeeding mums?  The good news is that all these techniques are viable solutions for breastfeeding mums.

They do not affect your milk supply and are safe using the right and clean instruments. If you have any doubts, head to the eyebrow tattoo North Sydney of North Shore, and they will calm your fears.

The Pros of Eyebrow Tattoos

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To start, I would like to go on record and state clearly that cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are a good idea. However, like every good idea, they must be put on the scale and weighed carefully before making any decision.

One of the most significant and obvious pros of having your eyebrows permanently marked is the time saved. We spend valuable time preparing our eyebrows for the world every morning, and we don’t always get it right.

Cosmetic eye tattoos shorten your makeup routine. This translates to less stress in the morning.

Another sought-after benefit is how they define your face.

Eyebrow tattoos have been proven to change the appearance of your facial features. Well-done and placed brows make your face look thinner and your eyes look further apart, giving you a more attractive look.

Eyebrow tattoos are not just valued for their cosmetic aspect. They also help correct hair loss by people who suffer from certain conditions which cause their body hair to fall off. This helps to bring back a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Though relatively short-lived, one of the major cons of eyebrow tattoos is pain. Anybody who has ever gotten a tattoo can tell you the needles are not a walk in the park.

This can be pretty daunting for some. Another demerit future clients should look for is the change in trends.

Eyebrow tattoos are relatively permanent.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about fashion trends.

Post-Care Treatment of Eyebrow Tattoo

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What you do after getting a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is very crucial to the result. The window for the following tips and tricks is ten days. Complete healing of the tattoo will take place within four to six weeks.

After the anesthetic you were provided wears off, you will experience swelling of the tender area near the tattoo. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

You can take painkillers to ease the pain.

Clean the tattoo gently using wipes dipped in warm water twice daily to keep it clean. If scabs appear, it is strongly advised not to pick them. Let them fall naturally.

Do not overly expose yourself to the sun during the healing process!

UV rays change the pigment of the skin.

Avoid a lot of water too!

This means there are no pools, saunas, or sunny vacations. A quick stop at eyebrow tattoo North Sydney of North Shore will yield a better post-care treatment. They know all the tricks in the book.


eyebrow tattoo north sydneyAt this point, we can all agree that cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are changing lives. They reduce the fuss associated with everyday makeup and improve your self-image. This treatment has been tested and proven; the only question remains: Where can I get an eyebrow tattoo near me?

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