Seeking the finest eyebrow lamination in Sydney from a reputable brow lamination specialist? Your search ends with Mimi at Sydney Microblading!

Located in Crows Nest on the Lower North Shore, Mimi is a seasoned brow lamination professional with extensive training. For years, she has delighted her clients with stunning, natural-looking eyebrows. Her dedication to precision and excellence has established her as one of Sydney’s most coveted eyebrow lamination experts.

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Mimi’s services are not only top-notch, but they are also highly safe and hygienic.

She uses the best products available to ensure you get the best possible results from your treatments. 

Mimi’s signature service is eyebrow lamination, microblading, and eyelash extensions.

At Sydney Microblading, she offers a range of services, including:

Mimi takes the time to understand each client’s needs before creating a tailored plan for their brows. She will work with you to create the perfect shape for your face while ensuring natural beauty shines through.

Her skillful techniques and eye for detail will help you achieve the perfect set of eyebrows you have always wanted! 

At Sydney Microblading, we take pride in providing our clients with the highest quality services at affordable prices.

More about Mimi…

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

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Eyebrow lamination, a brow perm or feather brows, is a relatively new procedure for creating shiny, smooth brows. It’s similar to a hair perm because it uses chemicals to break and reform the hair’s bonds.

Brow lamination treatment involves setting your hair in place using reflector products and one oil treatment to ensure that your eyebrows stay in place for up to five weeks. 

The result is beautifully shaped eyebrows that look natural and are low maintenance – perfect for those who don’t want to spend time applying makeup every day!

Why is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination near me offers many benefits for those looking for fuller-looking eyebrows. It can help tame unruly hairs, create symmetry between your brows, and give them an overall polished look.

Additionally, it can help make your makeup application more accessible by providing a smoother surface for products like pencils and gels.

The results last up to six weeks, so you don’t have to worry about constantly filling in or reshaping your eyebrows daily.

Eyebrow Lamination Process

eyebrow lamination near me

The process of eyebrow lamination involves cleansing, applying the product, and setting it with heat.

It typically takes 45 to 60 minutes and begins with an antiseptic solution cleaning the area around the brows. 

Then, a special cream is applied to the hairs, which helps protect them from damage during the treatment. 

After this step, a chemical solution is applied, which breaks down the hair’s bonds so they can be reshaped into place.

Finally, another cream sets the hairs in their new shape before drying them with a blow dryer. 

How Often Should You Come Back For A Touch-Up?

For best results, it’s recommended that you come back every 3-6 weeks for touch-ups, as this will help maintain your desired look over time! 

However, if you’re looking for something more permanent, microblading may be better suited as it requires less maintenance than eyebrow lamination!

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