Eyelash Extensions Are All The Rage Now With Great Reason

You’ve probably seen it on your Instagram feed, or maybe some of your friends have had them done and can’t stop raving about them, but eyelash extensions are all the rage now with great reason.

From when you wake up to when you go to bed in the morning eyelash extensions mean your eyelashes always look fetch (we’re still trying to make fetch happen) and perfect.

If you’ve been considering getting eyelash extensions but weren’t sure about the whole process, keep reading. We have everything you need to know below.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

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You might be imagining hair extensions for your eyelashes, which sounds slightly scary, but eyelash extensions are an easy and straightforward way to lengthen your eyelashes and give you that false look that lasts up to two weeks.

The process is pretty simple – a technician will apply individual lashes to your current lashes with glue. That’s it! There’s no strip, so your eyelashes look natural, there’s no pain (but lots of gains), and there’s no recovery time. You will walk out looking glowing and ready to go.

What Is The Difference Between Single And Volume Lashes?

You may have heard these two terms flying about and wondered what the difference is. In a nutshell, single lashes are when the technician applies a single lash extension to one of your natural lashes.

The result of single lashes is more understated and will give you fuller lashes with the appearance you have in mascara (but without the clumping!).

In contrast, volume lashes (often called Russian lashes) are when a technician adds multiple extensions to one of your natural lashes. Volume lashes tend to give a more feathered look and dense look.

They come in sizes 2D-6D. This refers to the number of lashes attached to each natural lash (2D having two lashes, 3D 3 lashes, etc). These are not like the false individual lashes, but instead, they give you a more fluffy, dense lash look.

Hybrid lashes are another option whereby, rather than having all one type of lash, your technician will change their technique to give you the best possible outcome for your lashes so that you will end up with a mix of single and volume lashes.

Whether you want single, volume, or hybrid lashes depends entirely on what you want! No option is better or worse. They are just different and will give different results.

Nonetheless, be assured that all three look amazing when done right!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss the options we have here.

What Is The Difference Between Silk And Mink Lashes?

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One query is whether silk or mink lashes are better for lash extensions. The answer is that it depends on you! Both mink and silk eyelash extensions are comfortable and high-quality extensions.

The main difference is in their finish. Mink eyelashes are lovely and shiny so you will have a beautiful natural-looking set of lashes.

If you were after something more dramatic, silk eyelashes are generally thicker than mink and keep their curl for longer giving you a more dramatic look.

Like the single and volume lashes, which you choose depends only on what look you are going for!

Will Eyelash Extensions Irritate My Eyes?

Generally, eyelash extensions don’t cause much irritation in the eyes, and adverse reactions to extensions are rare. At any good salon, all precautions should be taken to ensure the technician is skilled, all the equipment is sterilized, and the client is made aware of the risks.

There can often be a small amount of irritation immediately following the addition of eyelash extensions to the eyes – with some swelling or redness common – but these usually subside within around 24 hours.

There are also plenty of clients who don’t experience any irritation – it depends greatly on the client and how sensitive their eyes are.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Eyelash Extensions?

The cost of a full set of lash extensions in North Sydney is currently around $200-350, depending on the type of lash extensions you are getting and the material of the extensions (more details can be found here).

A half set is significantly cheaper, as the technician will have to touch up and fill in any gaps.

We would recommend frequently going to the salon (generally every two to three weeks) to fill out your lashes.

Because the technician will only need to add some lashes, this is a better option in the long run than having to get a whole set every four or five weeks.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage The Natural Lashes?

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Well-applied and cared-for lash extensions should not damage your natural lashes!

There’s a common misconception those lash extensions will make your eyelashes fall out, but actually, that’s not what’s happening.

The truth is that your eyelashes fall out at the same rate, with or without extensions, but many clients get so used to their thicker and more luscious lashes that they forget what their natural lashes are like!

Are Eyelash Extensions Bad For You?

As we said above, eyelash extensions applied by a trained professional do not damage your natural lashes. We don’t know of any studies that have looked into other aspects of health and eyelash extensions, but remember to always go to a reputable salon with a trained technician.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

A full set of eyelash extensions will last about four to six weeks. That’s from your consultation until all the extensions are gone. The extensions don’t fall out. Your natural eyelashes do, bringing with them any attached extensions.

Having said that you don’t have to wait until the look is entirely gone and in fact, we would recommend touch-ups every two weeks, so you have your beautiful lashes all year round!

Can Makeup Be Worn With Eyelash Extensions?

Steer away from using mascara with your eyelash extensions.

Taking off your mascara and not removing your beautiful lash extensions is impossible, so we don’t recommend it!

Thankfully one of the best things about lash extensions is that you won’t need to wear mascara, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

For other parts of your makeup routine be careful around your eyes, especially when removing your makeup. Look for gentle makeup removers and don’t rub your eyes!

You don’t want to dislodge any of your extensions.

Caring For Eyelash Extensions

natural eyelash extensions north sydneyWe want to share a few tips for caring for your extensions. They are straightforward to care for!

1. As above, no mascara, no rubbing, and no makeup remover. Just be gentle with them!

2. Run an eyelash extension brush through their morning and night. This is to stop your beautiful extended lashes from knotting.

3. Try to sleep on your back and use a silk pillowcase. This is to stop you from messing up those lashes.

4. Regular appointments are better than appointments once in a while. Replacing any lashes that have fallen out regularly will ensure you are always looking glam.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all the questions you have!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to talk to you through the eyelash extensions that we have and find the perfect one for you!