Brows Weren’t A Thing

If you can remember back a few year’s brows weren’t a thing – they’d been overplucked in the 90s, left alone in the 2000s, and then at some point, we all realized they were the windows to our face, and well, we haven’t looked back since!

Considering how vital the brows are for every face, it’s no surprise that people have been searching to ensure their brows are always on point, without needing any makeup.

It’s a trend across both men and women, with increasing numbers of men joining their female counterparts and getting microblading eyebrows to ensure they always look good!

Keep reading to find out all about microblading!

What Is Microblading Exactly? Where Did it Come From?

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Microblading is the addition of a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo to your eyebrows.

A trained and skilled technician can thus add hair, shape, and colour to your eyebrows. As opposed to simply getting a tattoo, microblading uses excellent needles meaning the technician can create individual “hairs” with the needles and fill in your existing eyebrows.

Microblading uses semi-permanent pigment and doesn’t insert the pigment as deeply as traditional tattoos, so the results usually last for around two years, although this differs for everyone.

Microblading eyebrows are somewhat mysterious – people still aren’t exactly sure where it came from originally, but we can be sure that it’s a current rise in popularity that started in Asia, and it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

How Does Microblading Work?

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This technique creates a natural-looking brow – once they have healed, no one will know they aren’t your natural brows!

The first step is working with your technician, who is trained in not only the microblading eyebrows process but also in finding the right brow shape for your face and working with what you already have.

They will map out the brows on your face and then, once you’ve given the go-ahead, start the process.

The technician will use a tool with very fine needles to insert wonderful “hairlike” strokes into the upper layers of your skin to give the appearance of a natural brow.

The pigment lasts for between 18 months to around two years and can be easily touched up when they start to fade.

How Long Do They Take To Heal?

Microblading eyebrows take around 10 to 14 days to heal.

It’s a tattoo (although done quite differently from a typical tattoo), so if you know anything about the healing process for tattoos, microblading is very similar, although quicker to heal.

For those who don’t know anything about tattoos, the first few days are often a bit swollen, and as the pigment has just been implanted in the skin, they are darker than how they will end up.

There will also be scabs that form over the top of the brow – this is normal and part of the process.

People are often quite concerned for the first day or two, but after a few days, things will calm down, and generally, clients find their brows look best at around the two-week mark!

Does Microblading Hurt?

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We’re not going to lie.

Microblading eyebrows are not the most pleasant experience.

Having said that, it’s not unbearable – a local anesthetic is used on the area to numb the brows and make the whole process less uncomfortable.

The appointment takes about an hour and a half, but most of that time is spent in consultation with your technician and then numbing the brows.

What Is The Benefit Of Eyebrow Microblading?

Well, the big and obvious one is you’ll have around two years of perfect eyebrows without having to lift a finger!

No more worrying about your eyebrows going to the shops, swimming or waking up in the morning.

They will already be perfect! Microblading eyebrows can fill in sparse brows, help make combination brows more even and add colour to lighter-coloured brows.

How Much Does The Microblading Cost?

There are two types of microblading – the first eyebrow tattoo price is usually around $750 – 1000, and then any touch-ups when the look starts to fade usually cost half what you paid the first time.

We would recommend going in pretty much as soon as you notice your pigment fading, as it’s easier (and cheaper!) to touch up your microbladed brows than to have to start from scratch.

Ombrè Brows Or Microblading?

microblading north sydney You may have also heard of “Ombré brows” and wondered what it is and how it differs from microblading.

Ombré brows are another type of brow tattoo, but rather than the use of micro strokes (as with microblading), ombré brows use hundreds of tiny dots to fill in the brows.

The difference is mainly one of effect – with microblading you’ll get the look of individual hairs, but nonetheless, that looks like a brow without makeup, whereas an ombré brow appears more like a brow with makeup. It’s more filled in and a bit more defined.

Which you prefer is entirely down to what style you like! Neither is better or worse than the other!

Hopefully, we’ve answered all the questions you have about microblading eyebrows, and you’re now ready to go and get your perfect eyebrows!

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