Microblading Is A Popular Technique For Tattooing The Brows

Microblading for men is a semi-permanent technique using a fine blade with tiny needles to implant pigment beneath the skin, creating the appearance of fuller eyebrows. This method results in natural-looking brows that last for an extended period due to using lower concentration dye that gradually fades.

Originating over a thousand years ago and gaining popularity across Asia, the US, Europe, and recently Australia, microblading has become a favored cosmetic procedure worldwide, especially among men in the US. It’s appreciated for enhancing brow definition and density, offering a bolder look preferred by many.

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The Step By Step Procedure That Occurs In Men’s Microblading

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Microblading is an intricate and delicate procedure that requires a qualified, experienced professional. Here is a step-by-step guide on what happens during a typical microblading process.

1. Shaping And Numbing Of The Brows Area

Before any microblading can occur, the brow area is cleaned and prepared accordingly. Shaping the brow is often carried out by threading brow follicles.

After shaping and preparing the brows, the next step involves numbing the brow region. Although the men microblading procedure isn’t very painful, most professionals prefer to apply a topical anesthetic.

The anesthetic assists in reducing pain and ensuring the client is comfortable. Since numbing can take close to an hour, the client can take this time to provide additional detail on the type and density of the brow they want.


2. The Needling Process

Once the brow area is clean and numb, the microblading professional will start injecting dye around the brow region. This process is done gently by creating strokes akin to brow follicles. In case any discomfort arises, the customer will receive additional numbing anesthetics before the procedure continues.

Once the needling process is over, the brow area will be cleaned, and the client is free to go home.

However, a follow-up session is required!

A follow-up session should occur between one and a half and two months after the initial procedure. This session allows the microblading technician to add extra detail or improve the shade of the pigment.

The initial microblading eyebrows for men process can take 3-4 hours to complete. Healing of the microblading wound can take up to 30-50 days.


What Are Dos And Donts After Undergoing A Male Eyebrow Microblading Procedure?

After undergoing the microblading men procedure, the cuts will require time to heal. Following several steps, while avoiding others is critical to ensure you get the optimal desired results.


Some Of The Advice You Should Follow After A Microblading Procedure:

1. Preferably, use cotton swabs to apply aftercare ointment

2. In the few first days after the procedure, avoid washing the brow area.

3. Contact a medical professional if you experience any adverse negative effects such as hyperthermia and tenderness of the affected region.


Additionally, Avoid The Following After The Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Tattoo Procedure:

1. Avoid any physical activity that will lead to sweating, such as exercise

2. Avoid any form of UV as it directly degrades the dye pigment

3. Strictly avoid scratching the needle pigmented region as it can cause scarring.

4. Avoid excessive alcohol intake as it affects the immunity and healing mechanisms of the body.

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What Is The Average Cost Of The Microblading Eyebrows Men Service In Sydney?

Depending on the circumstances, you can expect to pay between $550 to $1100 for a microblading session. Medical insurance firms ordinarily don’t cover microblading procedures, meaning it is up to the client to cover the charge.

Sydney Microblading offers the service at $995. This shop has a qualified, dedicated, and competent microblading professional who runs by  Mimi. She has been successfully microblading clients for the past six years and is a master of the skill.


How Long Will The Dye Pigment Last?

As aforementioned, microblading isn’t permanent; the dye utilized in the procedure will break down and fade with time.

Typically a standard microblading procedure can last for 12- 32 months. However, people with oily skin are more likely to lose pigment faster.

For longer-lasting results, it would be best to go for a follow-up session six weeks after the initial one.

After this extra session, you can stay up to a year without the need for another touch-up session.

If you wait until the dye is completely faded, the microblading professional may have to carry out a new procedure rather than a touch-up.

Ideally, microblading clients should go for follow-up sessions annually or semi-annually.


What Are Some Of The Associated Risks?

Microblading involved making small cuts on the brow region and filling them with a dye pigment.

Individuals who wish to undergo this procedure should have an extensive discussion with the microblading practitioner to understand what the procedure entails.

If you are still on the fence, consider contacting Sydney Microblading for a free consultation on the ins and outs of the whole procedure, including the risks and critical notes that all clients should know.

This procedure is associated with a few risks that include:

1. Cut wounds can acquire bacterial or fungal infections.

2. The client may feel discomfort or pain during the process, especially if anesthetics are not provided.


What Kind Of Individuals Should Refrain From Undergoing Microblading?

Microblading eyebrows for men can offer several cosmetic benefits; however, individuals who meet the following conditions are advised against this procedure.

1. People who have diabetes

2. Those with autoimmune ailments

3. Individuals under chemotherapy

4. Individuals suffering from skin conditions such as rashes or eczema

5. Underage individuals such as kids



Microblading is an inventive cosmetic technique that creates well-defined and shaped artificial brows.

The method has effective results; however, they only last for up to 3 years.

There are many myths associated with microblading, and it is always best to get the facts straight.

If you consider undergoing this procedure, ensure you get the facts from accredited sources such as Mimi at Sydney Microblading , which offers complimentary consultations.