The Right Microblading Eyebrow Colour

microblading eyebrow colour

How To Choose The Right Microblading Eyebrow Colour For Yourself

After spending hundreds of dollars filling your eyebrows with gels and pencils, you finally found a viable solution – microblading eyebrows.

You couldn’t help but notice how your friend’s eyebrows looked naturally fuller. Perhaps, you came across this hot trend on social media. Multiple celebrities have done it, including Madonna, Mila Kunis, and Lorde, so why not you?

Though you did stumble upon this fantastic problem-solver, you are not yet sure about what it is. What is the microblading process? How do you pick the right microblading colour, and how long will it last?

These are some of the many questions you may wonder about. Luckily, these are precisely what this blog will walk you through. Tag along!

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Microblading In Sydney -Everything You Need To Know

Sydney Microblading North Shore

Brows Weren’t A Thing

If you can remember back a few year’s brows weren’t a thing – they’d been overplucked in the 90s, left alone in the 2000s, and then at some point, we all realized they were the windows to our face, and well, we haven’t looked back since!

Considering how vital the brows are for every face, it’s no surprise that people have been searching to ensure their brows are always on point, without needing any makeup.

It’s a trend across both men and women, with increasing numbers of men joining their female counterparts and getting microblading eyebrows to ensure they always look good! Read more